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Online Employee Training

Our ‘Fast Track’ Cyber Security training program for employees provides the vital baseline training all SMEs need
Cyber Engage

CyberSolve IQ’s ‘Fast Track’ cyber security training program for employees is the best way for SMEs to strengthen their defense against cyber-attack.


Our ‘Fast Track’ cybersecurity training for employees has been specifically designed for SMEs to ensure;
Cyber Assessments
Your employees receive the right messages
 The right messages are delivered the right way
 Interruption to the business is kept to a minimum
Individual employee progress is quick and easy to monitor
Information is kept up to date with annual program revisions
With CyberSolve IQ’s ‘Fast Track’ online employee training you get
Cyber Consulting
12 expertly created modules delivered in bite sized chunks
Modules are delivered at a rate determined by the business
Cloud based modules accessible via email or text
Modules that have been prepared by cyber security experts using best practice global Cyber Security Frameworks such as ISO 27001, Essential 8 and NIST
Using our unique subscription model, access to annual training updates

Spoiler Alert! No matter how good the training and how well it’s delivered, research shows that only 3-10% of information gained from a training program is retained!

That’s why CyberSolve IQ’s ‘Fast Track’ cybersecurity training for employees has been augmented with our Engage Cyber Security awareness training to maintain employee awareness and engagement.

What this means for you and your business is

Your employees are receiving the right baseline cyber security training
Messages delivered will be retained and then updated annually
Your employees will become your first line defenders against cyber-attack

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