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Cyber Self-Assess PLUS

The Cyber Self-Assess PLUS package includes:

  • Easy to self-administer questionnaire and instructions
  • Comprehensive Cyber Assessment Report completed by CyberSolve IQ
  • Cyber Security Action Plan template and instructions

How our Cyber Self-Assess PLUS Package works
in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Complete your Cyber Risk Assessment Questionnaire


Step 2

Using your completed Risk Assessment questionnaire, CyberSolve IQ creates your Risk Assessment Report

Step 3

With input from your Risk Assessment Report, create your own Cyber Security Action Plan

Complete your Cyber Security Questionnaire and then hand it over to CyberSolve IQ analysts who will prepare your Assessment Report. Based on the report findings and recommendations, create your own Cyber Security Action Plan.

Completing 2 of the 3 steps yourself, is made easy with our DIY templates, instructions and supporting information.

At the completion of these 3 steps, not only will you have your own cyber risk assessment report, you will also have your own tailored action plan that addresses its findings.

This process means that you will be able to take concrete actions to improve your cyber security practices, on an ongoing basis.

Affordable price with everything you need

CyberSolve IQ Cyber Self Assess PLUS package is the most affordable way to work with a professional Cyber Risk Analyst, to start improving your business cyber security.



By ordering your Cyber Self-Assess PLUS Package today, you will also receive:

  • Additional supporting cyber security information
  • Extra checklists
  • Latest threat information.

What's next?

Your Cyber Assessment report is specific to your business and is prepared by one of our experienced Cyber Security Analysts. Using our tools and supporting information to review your Cyber Assessment Report, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create your own Cyber Security Action Plan.
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