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Cyber In-Depth Industry

A Full-Service Cyber Risk Assessment Package Specific to Your Industry

All Industries

Cyber risks and attacks vary by industry, and CyberSolveIQ is uniquely placed to provide industry specific cyber risk assessments for the following industries;

  • Food Industry including, Supermarket and Gourmet distribution channels
  • Beverage Industry, including wine, beer and spirits
  • Electronics Industry
  • Space Industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Allied Health and Associated Services Industry
  • Medical and Medical Products Industry
  • Finance Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Retailers and Wholesale Industries
  • Small Business Product and Service Providers

CyberSolve IQ is one of the few cyber security advisory services with such breadth of industry experience and expertise.

This package provides you with a full-service Cyber Risk Assessment including:

  • Personalised Cyber Security Risk Report
  • Dedicated consulting time with one of our Cyber Security Analysts
  • Personalised Assistance to develop your Prioritised Cyber Security Action Plan
Cyber In-depth

Cyber In-Depth - Cyber Risk Analysis

What You Get:

Information Pack

  • Multi-topic Checklists and Guidance
  • Provides insights and knowledge to your business
  • Business and industry knowledge

Client Questionnaire

  • Determines maturity level of your business
  • Completed online within 40-60 min
  • Reviewed by dedicated analyst
  • Findings reflected in dedicated report for client
  • Aligned to global standards (ISO:27000, NIST and Essential Eight)

Personalised Report

  • Compiled by dedicated analyst
  • Returned to the client within 4 working days once questionnaire is completed
  • Forms basis for Action Plan and consultant session

Action Plan

  • Provides client with a 'roadmap' for follow up action
  • Breaks down proposed recommendations into objectives: Short(<6 months), Medium (6-12 months), Long term (>12 months)
  • Aligned to business objectives

Dedicated Consultant Session

  • 3 x One-hour consultant sessions
  • Provided by Australian / US based analyst
  • Person who processed the report presents the report
  • Discusses results from questionnaire to action plan
  • Potential for next steps

Our industry specific packages will not only prepare your business for cyber security threats and regulations but will also instil greater confidence in the people you serve.

Don’t leave your business or customers exposed to unacceptable levels of cyber security risk.

Take action to improve your business cyber security today.

Affordable price with everything you need

The CyberSolve IQ Industry- Specific Cyber Assessment package will provide you with the
most relevant industry insights available, to help you improve your business cyber security.



By ordering your Cyber In-Depth Industry Package today, you will also receive:

  • Additional supporting cyber security information
  • Extra checklists
  • Latest threat information.

What they are saying...

The Cyber Risk Assessment was very enlightening. There were many aspects of our cyber security that I thought were being addressed. However, I realized that I had stretched some of my team into areas that they were less experienced and as a result they did not realise how much we were exposed. The CyberSolve team have helped us develop a road map to rapidly fix the urgent issues and then gradually implement long-term cyber security improvements.
Max R
Furniture Manufacturing, Retailing and Wholesale
My team grew from 3 people to 15 over the course of 18 months. I went from having my head around everything to being in a situation where it was too much for me to do it all”. As a result, we were implementing some very bad cyber security practices and it was a relief when the CyberSolve team completed the initial Risk Assessment and provided me with a plan of attack to improve our systems and implement a continual process of improvement. I now use the blocks of time to work through our risk issues in a measured way and my team are on the CyberEngage program which keeps them aware and focused!
Melanie N
Occupational Therapy Practice
I was very surprised at how many gaps there were in my cyber security. The team at CyberSolve IQ were able to identify the most urgent and important and help us start improving rapidly. I am very glad I invested in the initial cyber risk assessment because that made it easy to know where to start. Until then addressing our cyber security felt insurmountable.
Rod L
Financial Services Industry
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