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Cyber Engage

(per Employee)

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees

The Cyber Engage package offers the very best in cyber security awareness training for employees in SME businesses.


business owners  looking for a training program

This package is for business owners who are looking for a training program for their employees that will keep them cyber-focussed and aware. 

Cyber Engage is a rapid communication system that streamlines communication for your business and your teams for sharing cyber risk information in 'real time'.

It facilitates a free flow of information from your staff to their leaders, allowing true levels of knowledge and vigilance.

Understand the risks and remain cyber-aware

Cyber Solve IQ Engage helps your staff to better understand the risks and threats that affect your business.

Cyber Solve IQ Engage also provides your team with Information, Education and Advice, as well as Updates and Alerts.
Cyber Aware

With your CYBER ENGAGE Subscription

You Get:

Fortnightly employee Knowledge, Focus and Engagement Quiz


Fortnightly employee Quick Threat-Check Questions


Fortnightly summary of latest and most relevant Threat Alerts


Access to modular Cyber Risk Employee Training Program


Immediate reporting of any threat issues to IT and/or Management Team supported by monthly summary reports

No lock in contractCancel at the end of any month

In other words, everything you need to help your employees minimise the threat of cyber-attack in your business.

Just select the subscription package that best suits your business.
Cyber Engage
(per Employee)

$3.50 / month

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