Cyber Security Guide For Junior Sports
United States Edition

Welcome to Securing The Game

The Definitive Guide to Cyber Security for Kids

The goal of the Securing The Game program is to provide you with a thorough and user-friendly foundation for keeping your children of all ages safe from cyber threats.

The program integrates information, practical tips and strategies to keep your children Cyber Safe.

The Securing The Game program comprises 7 modules that address the following important topics:
1. Starting Safe – An Introduction to Cyber Security for Kids
2. Social Media – How to manage Socials for Kids
3. Gaming Safety – Safeguarding that Fun and Passion
4. Online Threats – Know Thy Enemy
5. Online Activity – Continual Monitoring, Awareness and Vigilance
6. School Considerations – 100’s of Kids together … What could Possibly Go Wrong?
7. Responding to an Incident – CPR for Cyber!

The sections below showcase the general structure of each of the 7 modules.


Securing The Game - Parents & Carers

Parents & Carers

This section speaks to Parent, Grandparents, older siblings and other Carers.
The Parents & Carers Section is about providing you with the information, insights and practical tips that you need to plan and decide the best approach to keeping your children safe.

Together, the 7 modules that form the Securing The Game program serve to provide you with a thorough and easy to apply information and frameworks to form the foundations that will help you plan and decide how to keep your children Cyber Safe.

For each of the 7 modules within the Securing The Game program you are provided with information and recommendations for key issues such as the following:

Understanding Online Dangers

Setting Ground Rules

Essential Tools and Software

Promoting Positive Online Behavior

Technologies, Apps and Games

Threats and How to Handle Them

Educating About Privacy


Securing The Game - Kids

Ask the Kids

This section is about talking to your kids and asking key questions!
In the Ask The Kids section we equip you with important questions to ask your children and key information for you to collect and constantly monitor and respond to as time goes on.

Some of the questions and information that we suggest addresses issues such as the following:


Social Media Platforms – Current and Old Sign-ups

Apps - Current and Old Sign-ups

Who they are Interacting with

What Information are they Sharing

What Threats or Negative Exposure have they Experienced