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Cyber Engage Update - 02/11/2022

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Business Email Phishing Attacks

The most costly threat to your organisation!
(Source: ZDNET)

Half of all compromised accounts are reportedly accessed within 12 hours of the username and password being leaked. This indicates cyber criminals look to exploit stolen credentials as quickly as possible.

Recently researchers planted eight thousand fake credentials designed to look like compromised logins onto websites and forums popular for distributing stolen credentials.

It was found that all of the accounts were accessed manually within hours of the credentials being posted online. This demonstrates that cyber criminals can accurately test if credentials really do work .

How do you stay safe?

  1. Minimize your online footprint at the workplace
  2. Often change passwords used to access sites and services you regularly use
  3. Use a VPN to access the internet
  4. Use a service to notify you of breaches that your data has appeared in
  5. Where possible use two factor authentication to access sites and services online

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