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Cyber Security Awareness Training Programs for Employees

Helping to Keep Your Employees Cyber Risk Aware & Informed

Cyber Security Awareness Training

CyberSolve IQ offers unique and effective cyber security awareness training for employees of SME’s to keep them cyber risk aware and informed. It’s a fact that over 80% of cyber-attacks on businesses are caused by employees not being aware of or mindful of existing cyber threats and the daily practices required to minimize risk of attack.

For your business to successfully protect itself against the ever-growing threat of cyber-crime, your employees must be adequately trained on what to do and what not to do. Not only that, employees must be supported with ongoing information and constant reminders, so that cyber vigilance is maintained through sustained cyber risk awareness.


Cyber Engage

That’s why CyberSolve IQ have created “Cyber Engage” the ultimate cyber security awareness training for employees that will help keep them cyber risk aware and informed.

Cyber Engage is an online subscription program designed to transform your employees into front line defenders against the threat of cyberattack by:
Cyber Assessments


Helping your staff to better understand the risks and threats that affect your business


Facilitating a free flow of information from staff to their team leaders for maximum awareness and vigilance


Providing your team with information, education and advice tailored to industry specific requirements

What You Get with Your Cyber Engage Subscription

With each Cyber Engage subscription package, your business will receive:

Fortnightly Employee Knowledge, Focus and Engagement Quiz

Designed to keep employees focussed on potential threats and/or breaches in the business

Fortnightly employee Quick Threat-Check Questions

Designed to share any information regarding actual or potential threats and/or breaches

Fortnightly summary of latest and most relevant Threat Alerts

Designed to keep employees informed of the latest threats and recommended action

Cyber Engage Employee Education Pack

Designed to keep employees informed and continually learning about all matters related to cyber security

Immediate Reporting of Any Threat Issues

Designed to keep IT and/or Management on top of any changes and/or immediate threats whilst also providing monthly reporting for long-term improvement and decision making

Cyber Engage

Research shows that one off cyber security training programs are insufficient when it comes to minimizing the threat of cyber-attack.

Employees need to be equipped with tools that not only educate and inform, but help maintain vigilance and encourage the sharing of cyber security information throughout the business.
1-10 Employees
Cyber Engage is a rapid communication system that streamlines communication for your business and your teams for sharing cyber risk information in 'real time'.
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11-50 Employees
Cyber Engage facilitates a free flow of information from your staff to their leaders, allowing true levels of knowledge and vigilance.
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51-200 Employees
Cyber Engage helps your staff to better understand the risks and threats that affect your business.
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201+ Employees
Cyber Engage also provides your team with Information, Education and Advice, as well as Updates and Alerts.
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Not Robots!

 CyberSolve IQ uses highly trained and experienced human analysts to review your business, not robots.
The Cyber Engage package offers the very best in cyber security awareness training for employees in SME businesses.
This package is for business owners who are looking for a training program for their employees that will keep them cyber-focussed and aware.
We were burnt once and then nearly burnt a second time so we knew we needed to take action. We completed an up front risk assessment first which highlighted our gaps. From there we commenced the CyberEngage staff program which has significantly increased the understanding and focus of our office and warehouse teams. Every month we halt new threats of varying descriptions, and this is due to our increased focus and awareness.”
Andrew D
Electronics Manufacturing

Peace of mind

Imagine the relief you’ll feel as you begin to secure your business from cyber-attack thanks to the best cyber security awareness training for employees.
You’ve worked too hard to get your business where it is today to let the threat of cyberattack shut you down

And living with the fear of being exposed to cyber criminals can limit your ability to focus on growing your business and everything that entails.

Your first and most important line of defence lies in your employees, so their training and ongoing engagement in cyber security is pivotal.