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Cyber Security Solutions For SMEs

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helping employees minimize cyber threats

CyberSolve IQ is a team of experts providing affordable cyber security solutions for SME’s with a focus on helping employees minimize cyber threats.

Risk Minimization

With a focus on the employee and human elements of risk minimization, CyberSolve IQ has developed an innovative range of cyber security solutions to help companies provide their staff with cyber security training and support.

First Line of Defence

Research shows that no matter how committed business owners are to minimizing cyber risk, it’s employees that represent the first line of defence against cyber-attack.
Cyber AwareCyber Security Consulting

Our Unique Approach

That’s why CyberSolve IQ have taken a unique approach as a cyber security solutions company to offer SME’s a range of service options that not only educates employees, but maintains engagement and vigilance.

It's a Team Effort

By creating a team approach to cyber-attack mitigation, businesses form a stronger, more impenetrable defence, against the ever-increasing volume of cyber threats.
All Industries

The CyberSolve IQ Team Comprises The Very Best Of Strategic Thinkers In The Cyber Risk Industry Coupled With The Broadest Industry Experience.

Cyber Security Consulting

This combination of cyber risk strategy and industry experience has helped to create a range of service offers for SME’s that are;

  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible to suit all businesses and their IT
  • Staff focussed
  • Based on the most current cyber risk information
  • Rich in information written in plain English
  • Supported by accessible, leading edge consultants
Meet the Team

CyberSolveIQ Leadership Team

The key players behind the cyber security solutions offered by CyberSolveIQ are all business owners in their own right, understanding exactly what it’s like to run your own business.

This helps to explain why the CyberSolve IQ service packages are so flexible, practical and affordable.

They know what it’s like dealing with large, expensive and inflexible service companies and why therefore, it can be very difficult to make a start, even in an area as important as cyber security.

Co-founder / CEO
Australian Office

Chris is Co-Founder and Managing Director of CyberSolve IQ.

As a former Military Intelligence Officer, Chris has worked at the highest security and risk levels for both domestic and international organisations.

He has been at the forefront of the modern security risk and crisis management environment since 2001.

He has proven security leadership, risk management skills and expertise to Government, public and private sector organisations both within Australia and in international locations.

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Co-founder / Director
Australian Office

Patrick is Co-Founder and a Director of CyberSolve IQ. 

Drawing on his  Marketing and Business Communications background, Patrick has developed the Employee communication aspects of the CyberSolve IQ Education and Engagement Programs.

Patrick has been instrumental in joining the dots between world-class Cyber Security expertise and simple but effective personal communication.

Patrick also oversees the Marketing function of CyberSolve IQ

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General Manager
United States Office

Haydon is General Manager of CyberSolve IQ Operations in Australia and the United States.

He is responsible for managing the CyberSolve IQ team of Analysts and Technology specialists. 

Throughout his career Haydon has specialised in Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Reduction.

Haydon brings practical experience and knowledge of systems to the implementation of Business Continuity Management and Resilience.

His career has develop his knowledge of the latest developments in cyber risk management  and best practice Cyber Security via his roles with JCB UK, Adey Steel Group (UK), Nampak Plastics Europe, Kimberly-Clark and Australian Defence Force.

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Cyber Security Solutions Packages

Designed with You and Your Team in Mind
Cyber Assessment


Cyber Security Risk Assessments are an important first step in improving your overall cyber security.
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Cyber Awareness


Penetration Testing (Pen Testing), like cyber risk assessments are a popular starting point to examine how robust your existing system is against potential attack.
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Cyber Consulting


Just need to talk to someone about the best way forward? Book a consultation with one of our expert analysts for as little as $150.
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